Lukey's Legacy
will no longer be saving goals on the ice
 but will be saving lives from above

Lukey's Legacy
P.O. Box 1044
West Seneca, New York 14224

My name is Amy Skowronski and Luke is my son.  Luke was a funny, artistic, athletic and happy 10 year old boy who  passed suddenly November 16, 2011.   Luke passed of a rarely known and often undiagnosed disease called Myocarditis. 

Luke was a 5th grade student at Allendale Elementary in West Seneca, NY. Luke always had a smile on his face that could light up a room. He made friends very easliy and he would do anything for those friends. Because of
this love for his friends, my goal is to make sure this horrible fate does not keep happening.

There are still days I forget that he's gone.  I wake up and wonder if this is just a nightmare. But the reality is that myocarditis took my boy in his sleep. I often find myself wanting to give up but if I learned anything from my son in his short 10 years, never give up and go big or go home.  Luke was not a quitter and neither will I until this disease is brought to the forefront and we start saving lives. This is for all the Angels in Heaven and survivors across the country and around the world. May we not only raise awareness but keep our Angels on Earth.

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